Text Box: To contact us:  President/Treasurer/Trustee - Steve Newby on 0161 4884088 mob.07813137069, Vice-President/Trustee - Carol Dugdale G.W.R.M., Cert. Trainer G.W.S.H.F., on 01614803623 mob.07904601257, Secretary/Bookings/Trustee- Jonathan Dugdale on 01614803623 mob. 07516350103
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Solemnization of Marriages, Baptisms & Funerals by arrangement.
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We are actively involved in the Greater World Spiritual Healing Fellowship and offer a two year Spiritual Healing course. We have certificated G.W.S.H.F. Spiritual Healers and Carol Dugdale, who is a G.W.S.H.F. Certificated Trainer (Please see Carol if interested).


Greater World Annual Membership £10.

G.W.S.H.F. Probationers Annual Subscription  - Insurance £20.

G.W.S.H.F. Probationers Manual & Code of Ethics £12.00.

Necessity to obtain ‘First Aid Certificate’.

Spiritual Healing Course - 1. Workshops.

2. ‘Awareness & Meditation Classes’

As ‘Awareness’ Classes are a fundamental and an essential part of any healer/medium’s spiritual development & training, these classes will be available to anyone interested.





In the name of God and trusting in His might alone, receive Christ’s healing touch to make you whole.


May Christ bring you wholeness of body, mind and spirit, deliver you from evil, and give you His peace.


Common Worship, Pastoral Services


Spirit of the living God, present with us now, enter you, body mind and spirit, and heal you of all that harms you, in Jesus’ name


Iona Abbey Worship book



10 successful Greater World Spiritual Healers at the Assessments at Greater World, London on 

Saturday August 30th 2014